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Extension registration is the mechanism that MediaWiki uses to load extensions and skins. You put configuration data in a file named extension. Before MediaWiki 1. This must be done before you load any extensions or skins. Since MW 1. Consider for instance the following namespace declaration in a extension.

However, this can be overwritten by defining the respective constant in LocalSettings. This would cause the "Foo" namespace to be registered with the ID instead of When overriding namespace IDs, don't forget that all talk namespaces must have odd IDs, and the ID of the talk namespace must always be the subject namespace's ID plus one.

You may need to uninstall your extension from LocalSettings.

Manual:Developing extensions

PHP entry points usually have some documentation of configuration settings that is useful and shouldn't be lost. Unfortunately JSON doesn't support comments. You should also document configuration on-wiki in your Extension: MyExtension page. It is possible to include some documentation directly in the extension. Extension registration ignores any key in extension. For example:.

mediawiki extension

Version 1 of the extension. If you are loading a large number of extensions, extension registration will provide a performance boost as long as you have APC or APCu installed.

Extensions that are loaded together with wfLoadExtension s with plural -s will be cached together. A recurring problem is how to "register" something with another extension.

Usually this meant that you had to load one extension before another. However, in VisualEditor's entry point it has:. This means that if any extension appends to the array before VisualEditor is loaded, VE will wipe out its entry in this array.

Extension registration solves this problem with "attributes". In the Math extension, its extension. Starting with manifest version 2, the attributes need to be defined in the separate section attributes.

Be aware that the key in the subobject must not contain the extension name! Extension registration has a requires section, which acts similar to Composer 's require section. For example, to add a dependency on a MediaWiki version that is greater than 1. The key of the requires object is the name of the dependency prior to MediaWiki 1. In MediaWiki 1. Many extensions may provide features that work only if another extension is loaded too, without really needing this feature for the core extension function to work.

Extension A can profit from extension B if it is loadedbut doesn't require it to be loaded to work properly. For this, you generally check, if the extension is loaded, rather than adding it as a hard dependency.

To implement a standardized way of checking, if an extension is loaded or not without the need of extra work in an extension that is a soft-dependency in another oneextension registration can be used.While some extensions are maintained by MediaWiki developers, others were written by third-party developers. As a result, many have bugs, and they are not all guaranteed to be compatible with each other.

Some are unmaintained; not all extensions work on all versions of MediaWiki. Use any extension, especially those tagged as insecure, at your own risk. If you are using an extension that requires patches to the core software, be sure to backup your database. This helps avoid the risk of breaking your wiki.

mediawiki extension

You can browse Category:Extensions by category to see the full range of extensions that have already been written. For information on installing these extensions or writing your own, see below. Only someone with administration access to the filesystem and often the database too on a server can install extensions for MediaWiki, but anyone can check which extensions are active on an instance of MediaWiki by accessing the Special:Version page. For example, these extensions are active in the English Wikipedia.

MediaWiki is ready to accept extensions just after installation is finished. To add an extension follow these steps:. Some extensions require to be updated whenever you update MediaWiki, while others work with multiple versions. To upgrade to a new version of an extension:. From mediawiki. Translate this page. Other languages:. Parser tags Parser tags extend the built-in wiki markup with additional capabilities, whether simple string processing, or full-blown information retrieval.

Parser functions Parser functions are special wiki markup syntax that can 'interact' with other wiki elements in the page, and give a specific output. Hooks Hooks allow custom code to be executed when some defined event such as saving a page or a user logging in occurs.

Special pages Special pages are pages that are created by the software on demand to perform a specific function. Skins Skins allow users to customize the look and feel of MediaWiki. Magic words Magic words are a technique for mapping a variety of wiki text strings to a single ID that is associated with a function. API MediaWiki provides an action API, a web service that allows access to some wiki-features like authentication, page operations, and search. Authentication MediaWiki provides SessionManager and AuthManager, two authentication-related frameworks to enhance security via custom authentication mechanisms.

While this installation procedure is sufficient for most extensions, some require a different installation procedure. Check your extension's documentation for details. If you want to alter configuration variables in LocalSettings. Otherwise defaults defined in the extension will overwrite your settings. If the specific extension you are upgrading has instructions that differ from these, you should probably follow the specific extension's instructions.

Extensions :. Categories : Customization techniques Extension creation.Check usage and version matrix. The Collection extension allows a user to organize personal selections of pages in a collection.

Collections can be. See the press release Wikis Go Printable for more information on the original project. The Collection extension used to use the Offline Content Generator service to do most of its heavy lifting, but the OCG has been withdrawn.

You can use the services mailing list to get in touch with OCG developers. They can also be found on IRC:. A detailed guide on how to prepare your wiki templates, help pages, categories if you setup the extension is available at meta. Older versions of the Collection extension used the mwlib library. There is a screencast demoing the basic functionality available at youtube in German minutes.

The OCG service supported this, but the Collection extension does not yet -- patches welcome! Note: Versions 1. The instructions above describe the new way of installing this extension using wfLoadExtension. If you need to install this extension on these earlier versions MediaWiki 1.

The documentation below is out of date. Installing a development instance contains the most up-to-date documentation. For the older mwlib-based service, see readthedocs. Therefore low traffic sites that are accessible from the internet don't need to install their own PDF Server. No installation of Python, ReportLab, mwlib etc. Note however, that in order to use this service, your wiki must be accessible from the internet and must be either accessible for non-logged-in users or login credentials must be configured see README for instructions.

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Have a look at the Solar systemexample article from the English language Wikipedia, rendered as PDF using this technology. If you either have a wiki which is not accessible from the outside or your site has high traffic, you need to install your own render server. Installing mwlib has a number of additional prerequisites. Please refer to the official installation documentation. Guides for your specific environment may also be useful, see below.

Most wikis will never need to know about what follows. Check the main PHP file to see all the global variables you can configure and their meaning. Some of them are useful to tweak the export in many cases. Since version 1. It is an array of elements, every of them will be listed as a possible print-on-demand provider. The parameters are:. Please see bug and commit entry for more information about this feature.

To allow users to save books in both their user space and the community space, add the following lines to your LocalSettings. If you want to add the links at another place, e. The above implementation has the drawback, that the two newly inserted links do not show their tooltip.

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A solution for that is still outstanding and would be greatly appreciated. To change the default prefix for book name edit the message MediaWiki:Coll-community book prefix. Recent versions store rendered "books" in a cache.Check usage and version matrix.

The Semantic MediaWiki SMW extension allows for managing structured data in your wiki and for querying that data to create dynamic representations: tables, timelines, maps, lists, etc. The actual homepage of Semantic MediaWiki, including user documentation in multiple languages, is www.

There are various other pages in the MediaWiki and Wikipedia space related to SMW, but the homepage is the most up-to-date source of information.

Mediawiki BootStrap Skin

There are a large number of "spinoff" extensions that require the presence of Semantic MediaWiki; see the category Semantic MediaWiki extensions for the full list some of these extensions may be obsolete. The respective instructions are located on the help page about installing Semantic MediaWiki. From mediawiki. Translate this page.

Other languages:.


GitHub: project page git repository URL [ help ] commit history. See the page on configuration parameters on semantic-mediawiki. Added rights. Hooks used. Hooks provided. Hidden category: Extensions without a compatibility policy.

Namespaces Extension Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Bug tracker Code docs Code repository Statistics. Wikimedia Commons Meta-Wiki Wikipedia. Allows users to add structured data to wiki pages through simple wikitext markup that turns links to other pages and data values in a page into meaningful properties. With this information, SMW helps to search, organize, browse, evaluate, and share the wiki's content. Author s. Maintainer s. SMW Project. Latest version.The Special:Version page on each wiki contains a list of extensions that have registered themselves with the MediaWiki software.

All extensions can be installed without showing up on Special:Versionif the developer does not include the correct code to list it there. Since 1. The equivalent for the extension above would be:. See also: Manual:Extensions Installing an extension.

See Manual:Developing extensions. In case your extension output is only dependent on some option or user context and not time, you can still let it get cached by the parser cache but make sure it's marked as one output variant of many possible. Use the PageRenderingHash hook to influence the cache hash accordingly.

See Manual:Tag extensions How do I render wikitext in my extension? See Manual:Tag extensions Extensions and Templates. In previous versions of MediaWiki, there was a problem with templates and extensions that caused the appearance of "NaodW MediaWiki 1. You should upgrade to MediaWiki 1.

Another clue is that your extension or another one installed might be using parse function instead of recursiveTagParse.

The LocalSettings. From mediawiki. Other languages:. Extensions :. Category : Extensions. Hidden category: Languages pages.

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Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history.

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Bug tracker Code docs Code repository Statistics. Add links.Each extension consists of three parts:. When you develop an extension, replace MyExtension above with the name of your extension. Your goal in writing the setup portion is to make installing the extension as easy as possible, so users only have to add this line to LocalSettings.

If you want to make your extension user configurable, you need to define and document some configuration parameters and your users' setup should look something like this:. To reach this simplicity, your setup file needs to accomplish a number of tasks described in detail in the following sections :. MediaWiki lists all the extensions that have been installed on its Special:Version page. For example, you can see all the extensions installed on this wiki at Special:Version.

To do this, add the extension details to extension. The entry will look something like this:. Many of the fields are optional, but it's still good practice to fill them out.

The available versions are 1 and 2. See here for the documentation on this feature. Unless you need to support an older version of MediaWiki, pick the latest version. In addition to the above registration, you must also "hook" your feature into MediaWiki. The above only sets up the Special:Version page.

The way you do this depends on the type of your extension. For details, please see the documentation for each type of extension:. If you want your user to be able to configure your extension, you'll need to provide one or more configuration variables.

It is a good idea to give those variables a unique name. They should also follow MediaWiki naming conventions e. It is important that none of the MediaWiki core begins its variables this way and you have done a reasonable job of checking to see that none of the published extensions begin their variables this way.

Users won't take kindly to having to choose between your extension and some other extensions because you chose overlapping variable names. It is also a good idea to include extensive documentation of any configuration variables in your installation notes. If you set the variable, e.

For more details on how to use global variable inside custom extensions, please refer to Manual:Configuration for developers.

If you choose to use classes to implement your extension, MediaWiki provides a simplified mechanism for helping PHP find the source file where your class is located.


To use MediaWiki's autoloading mechanism, you add entries to the AutoloadClasses field. The key of each entry is the class name; the value is the file that stores the definition of the class.

mediawiki extension

For a simple one class extension, the class is usually given the same name as the extension, so your autoloading section might look like this extension is named MyExtension :. For more complex extensions, namespaces should be considered.The subcategories listed below provide many ways to browse through the set of extensions. To see the list of all extensions that have a page on mediawiki. If you can't find an extension that does what you're looking for, you can request one at Extension requests.

Please note that most of the extensions listed here are not maintained by people affiliated with the MediaWiki software development team. For most extensions, there is no guarantee of the quality of the software, or its security, or how well it will work with recent versions of MediaWiki. If you have any further questions you can raise them on the associated talk page, or contact the extension author s if there is contact information listed, or use an existing support channel like the mediawiki-l mailing list or the mediawiki IRC channel.

Please do not contact the MediaWiki developers with questions about third-party extensions! The page Manual:Extensions has a good overview of how extensions are structured. If you have an extension that you want to add to this site, create a new page and add the extension template to the top of it or create a new extension page.

This will create a useful infobox and add the page to this category. See Template:Extension for details. You should also add as much detail as possible to the body of the page, and it is wise to check back fairly regularly to respond to user questions.

Extensions that define new hooks within the extension code should register them at the page extension hook registry. Extensions that define new namespaces should register them at the page Extension default namespaces. The MediaWiki developers provide no support for third-party add-ons and neither the MediaWiki developers nor the maintainers of this site give any guarantee about the suitability, functionality, security or indeed any other property of any extension described on this site.

Inclusion of an extension on this site is not an endorsement by the MediaWiki developers or the Wikimedia Foundation. If it is felt that a particular extension published on this web site is being distributed containing vulnerabilities which expose users to cross-site scripting or other vulnerabilities, or which are otherwise insecure, these can and will be deleted with no prior notice.

The provisions of the general disclaimer are maintained. This category has the following 34 subcategories, out of 34 total. The number of included categories Cpages P and files F is stated in brackets. From mediawiki. Translate this page. Other languages:. Extensions :. Subcategories This category has the following 34 subcategories, out of 34 total.

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Pages in category "Extensions" The following 15 pages are in this category, out of 15 total. T Manual:Translating extensions.

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W Wikipedia Education Program. Categories : Top level MediaWiki development Manual. Namespaces Category Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Bug tracker Code docs Code repository Statistics. Wikimedia Commons Meta-Wiki Wikipedia.

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